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Release Date:
Released 1999

Developed by Quicksilver Software in conjunction with Interplay's 14 East division, this title sold over 300,000 copies and spawned four follow-on products. Using data from the best-selling tabletop strategy game, Star Fleet BattlesTM, Starfleet Command puts players in the captain's chair for a thrilling real-time space combat experience. This strategic real-time tactical game allows the gamer to play one of six races including new races such as the Hydran Kingdom, Lyran Star Empire and Gorn Federation.
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"Starfleet Command is undoubtedly the best combat-oriented Trek game yet." - Gamespot

"Someone has actually made a damn good Star Trek game." - PC Games

"The game looks phenomenal... Better still are the game's effects..." 8.3/10 - IGN

"There's little doubt that Starfleet Command is one of the finest Star Trek games ever made" - AVault

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"Star Trek computer games finally has a product worthy of Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the classic crew... 4/12 stars. Editors Choice"

- Computer Gaming World

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