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  • Full-stack development, from apps to cloud systems.
  • Done right, the first time.
  • Exceptional user experiences.
  • Rock-solid reliability.

How Can We Help?


Founder William Fisher has been designing, developing and publishing games for over 40 years. Whatever you need, we can get it done.


Device design is all about great user interfaces. We've built a reputation for making complicated things simple, beautiful and usable.

The Cloud

We've been building online systems since the earliest days. We know the systems and the best practices and have our own amazing tools.

The Best of QUICKSILVER Game Projects

Starfleet Command

August 1999

Starfleet Command

This legendary strategy game was the first of our two official Star Trek titles.


March 2023


We added new camera features and streamlined tech as part of a 150-person dev team.

Gem Rush

August 2019

Gem Rush

From incredible designer Jeremy Lennert, this tabletop-style game is on Steam and mobile.


March 1991


Mega-hit Castles sold over 600,000 copies and spawned two follow-ons.

Conquest of the New World

April 1996

Conquest of the New World

A deep, highly engaging strategy game featured on the cover of Computer Gaming World.

A New Mobile Game

March 2024

A New Mobile Game

We are porting a mobile app and showing the publisher how to manage online App Stores.

The Best of QUICKSILVER Device Designs

Real Deal Poker

October 2008

Real Deal Poker

In eight months, we built a live poker game show that premiered in Vegas' Venetian Hotel.

STACKED Restaurant

September 2010

STACKED Restaurant

We created patented user-facing software for the first iPad-driven chain of restaurants.

Scout MD

Years 2024+

Scout MD

We designed the user interface and now we're building a state-of-the-art cancer surgery device.

The Best of QUICKSILVER Cloud Systems

Longbox Digital Comics

Year 2011

Longbox Digital

This cutting-edge client-server product boasted industry-leading UX and security features.

Marketing Solved

Years 2020+

Marketing Solved

We built and continue to maintain this Web-based social media automation system.

Online Multiplayer Game

Year 2024+

Online Multiplayer Game

We are building a multiplayer tabletop-style game using the best modern tools plus some of our own.

About Quicksilver

Software that's built to last, done right the first time.

Gem Rush Gameplay STACKED Pastrami Burger

How many technical teams do you know who have been in continuous operation for forty years? There's a reason we are still around, stronger than ever.

Quicksilver was founded in 1984 by some of the world's first video game programmers, and is still headed today by industry standout William Fisher -- designer, programmer, and award-winning technology leader. The company seeks out challenging projects that push boundaries and invent entirely new and visionary technologies in fields ranging from games to surgical devices to military training. And, last but not least, humanoid robots.

How can we excel at so many different things? Because we make complicated things simple. We build clean, elegant user interfaces. We build tools that automate and streamline tedious tasks. We get to the root of how people learn, and write software that teaches them without being dry and boring. Here are just a few examples:

  • Our award-winning Army logistics trainer turns bullets and water bottles into challenging puzzles with a purpose
  • Our video game graphics background led us to design a cutting-edge breast-cancer surgery device
  • We helped design, build and then run one of the world's fist iPad-based restaurants
  • We built a 300-player live poker game show in Las Vegas -- in only eight months
  • We built a Microsoft Excel-based game that was so much fun to play that we had to pry people away from it

Let's talk. What are your biggest challenges? What's blocking you from reaching your full potential? Find out for yourself why Quicksilver has been a trusted partner across so many industries.


There's a common theme behind our 40 years of work: designing the best solutions for complex problems, then actually delivering on our promises.

No other development team can match the breadth and depth of what we've done.

Compact Medical Device Thumbnail
Compact Medical Device
Scout MD Thumbnail
Scout MD
Mobile Casual Game Thumbnail
Mobile Casual Game
Online Board Game Thumbnail
Online Board Game
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Klipics Photo Kiosk Thumbnail
Klipics Photo Kiosk
Gem Rush Thumbnail
Gem Rush
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Zody's World Thumbnail
Zody's World
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Endeavor Virtual Tour
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SnapGammon Board Game Thumbnail
SnapGammon Board Game
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Type to Learn 4
Balance of Terror Thumbnail
Balance of Terror
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Solitaire Snap Saloon
ID Maker 3.0 Thumbnail
ID Maker 3.0
STACKED Restaurants Thumbnail
STACKED Restaurants
VH1 Classics: Intellivision Thumbnail
VH1 Classics: Intellivision
Rx Writer Thumbnail
Rx Writer
Mobile Counter-IED Trainer Thumbnail
Mobile Counter-IED Trainer
Longbox Digital Thumbnail
Longbox Digital
DMCTI Logistics Trainer Thumbnail
DMCTI Logistics Trainer
Mr. Do Thumbnail
Mr. Do
Real Deal Poker Thumbnail
Real Deal Poker
Mr. Do's Castle Thumbnail
Mr. Do's Castle
Star Trek: Tactical Assault Thumbnail
Star Trek: Tactical Assault
Full Spectrum Leader Thumbnail
Full Spectrum Leader
Master of Orion 3 Thumbnail
Master of Orion 3
Rich Dad's Cashflow 101 Thumbnail
Rich Dad's Cashflow 101
Full Spectrum Command Thumbnail
Full Spectrum Command
Star Trek: Starfleet Command Thumbnail
Star Trek: Starfleet Command
Heritage (WNET) Thumbnail
Heritage (WNET)
Conquest of the New World Thumbnail
Conquest of the New World
Castles Thumbnail
Castles II Thumbnail
Castles II
Hunt: The Unknown Quarry Thumbnail
Hunt: The Unknown Quarry

What Will It Cost?

Every project is unique, but typically our work fits into one of three categories.


$50,000 - $100,000

  • Well-defined tasks
  • Existing design
  • Standalone system or app
  • Minimal visual content
  • No database required


$250,000 - $500,000

  • Requirements Analysis needed
  • Design and architecture need definition
  • Standalone or simple online product
  • Modest amount of visuals
  • Simple database


$750,000 - $1,000,000+

  • In-depth Requirements Analysis needed
  • Full design and technical architecture needed
  • Multi-platform client-server application
  • Significant user interface or visual content
  • Complex or high-performance databases